Superb Sunday

A wee trip to the beach was the perfect end to a busy Sunday.

Overslept due to clocks going forward, then went to the tip as part of operation tidy up. Coming back I got my first ever puncture in the car and had another first of trying to change the wheel.

This led to the third first of calling the AA to come change it as the locking wheel nut was doing a fine job.

Space saver fitted, drove to nearby tyre place and purchased new tyre. Argh!

But a nice trip to Vanilla Joe’s and a wander on the beach.

Snoring kids and BFG audio book are the soundtrack. Carlsberg don’t make weekends, but…


Tyred of being a daftie

Small issue with my car tyres and the low pressure indicator. Not being the most mechanically minded I did the obvious and checked the pressures with my tyre pump. All appeared well.

But the warning light kept showing. Called the garage about them looking at it under warranty, some time next week – that’s nae good to me.

My good lady wife reminded me of our friends recommendation and I called them. Gave me advise over the phone and I said I’d pop in later.

Went along and a nicer bunch of bods you couldn’t find. Helpful, cheerful and some blinding banter (@ my expense).

Mental note – read car manual