Rules of the road

Q: When is a cyclist not a cyclist? A: When they decide that Red lights and road markings no longer apply to them? B: When the go from road to pavement to road again to avoid crossings or traffic calming measures? C: When they weave in and out of cars that are waiting at lights, go to the front of the queue then move off at 5 mph? Answer: All of the above, as per my drive in this morning.

Lunch with the tribe

As lunches go it was fairly unspectacular but when you mix it up with the family it makes it very tasty indeed. Only downside was having to go back to work after it.

Gary’s gone

My first car, Gary the Golf has gone to that great car park in the sky. Now I am driving a nice Honda Civic and have to say WOW! It doesn’t rattle, it’s insanely smooth to drive and it’s as comfortable as cab be. Chuffed beyond words.

Tae Kwon Do

A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible. AJ was awesome. It took him a while to pluck up the courage but rocked it once he got into it.