burrett biking buddies

happy to say that the best wee bike rider is now in session.  yup folks – Angus has gotten off his stabilisers and has his new big boy bike

after a moderately effective crash into our neighbours wall, he’d proven that his ‘yellow’ bike was perhaps no longer fit-for-purpose.  I liked that he had decided it, by crashing it into a wall.

But not that it had caused some major claret all over his Celtic top that he’d gotten from Uncle Stephen and Auntie Deedee.  

I was initially just intending to look at the new rig for AJ, but his tears made that decision for me.  Apparently he’d not be able to survive without another bike. So who am I to argue.

All I know is that I now have two decent sized bikes in the shed and two teeny weeny ones.  Orla won’t be far behind her big brother in getting shot of the stabilisers, so his ‘yellow’ bike of danger will get a wee refit and refurb, then pass it’s way down to Orla.  

With my forthcoming purchase in July for my new rig another refit / refub job will get done on my current bike and that will be everyone in the house with wheels.

Just need to find a way of transporting them all on day-trips or holidays… Might have some roofbars kicking around somewhere….