GT Aggressor

I am by no means a mountain biker – but I would very much like to be.

I have owned several MTB’s over the years and I’ve even been known to throw myself off the odd hill whilst on one, but since the yrs and waistline went past 36 I’ve been less and less inclined.

But this is the year this all changes.  I had a polite but necessary wake up call at my medical recently and getting fitter instead of fatter is a priority.

One good old fashioned way to do this, in my humble opinion, is to get out on the bike and pedal the thing like billy-oh wherever you end up.  Could be Whitelee’s Wind farm, Strathclyde Park or just a wee tootle around Stewarton.  Maybe, maybe, once the waistline goes DOWN and the lung / leg capacity goes UP I can think about doing longer, more challenging routes, but until then…

All of this would of course be a lot easier if my MTB was in fact usable, but thanks to a well-known store this is not possible at the moment. But I have been in contact with their customer services department, so watch this space…