as usual before voting I had a clear view of who I wanted to place my X next to.  when I opened the postal vote I was more than slightly annoyed.

I have enjoyed watching the election campaigns, following broadcast media, online outlets and press as they try to persuade us to their chosen political party.  I have especially enjoyed seeing the Tories have closed public meetings that are just press exercises. Shows me they hold the public in utter contempt and think it’s just a foregone conclusion that they will win this election with a huge majority.

Labour have surged in the polls as nobody predicted and SNP have dropped the ball a little during the campaign – but the crux of my sadness was that the Labour candidate for Kilmarnock and Loudon – lives in Glasgow North East. Still better than the Liberal Democrat who lives in East Lothian! But to have only two local candidates made the choice a little bitter sweet.  

If the Labour Party cannot field local candidates in Scotland this isn’t really indicative of a heartfelt desire to win back seats that were previously safe before the SNP landslide at the last election.

We need to pray that people who chose not to vote conservative voted tactically. Otherwise it’s going to be another five painful years under greed and rich-folks-first incorporated.

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