wwt caerlaverock

a wee wonder down the road took us to the WWT Caerlaverock  Wetland Centre.  We’d accidentally visited it the day before, when I couldn’t find the cottage, but this was our attempt to see what it was all about.  a very reasonable entrance fee later and two small kids geared up to find 6 giant rubber ducks  – what’s not to like.

I had forgotten my binoculars, which was a bit of a pain, but the kids and the boss were finding the birds nae bother at all.

We covered every inch of the paths that we could, totaling a very energetic 11,000 steps before we even got back to the cottage.

A small pit stop for some tea and cakes was required, as was the trip to the shop for items of various levels of usefulness.

Kids and adults had a great time, climbing up the towers and finding all the wild animals.  Who knew twitching was such fun.

Have to say that the staff were all fantastically helpful and informative.  From the lady on the desk who welcomed us and explained the Duck hunt  – to the gentlemen who told us all about the migration of the geese and the huge distances involved.

that was totally awesome dad – A.J & Orla