Motherwell misery

I have followed Motherwell FC since I met my wife. I often joke that her dad asked me what team I supported and I said “whatever team you want me to sir…”.

It wasn’t exactly like this, but not far from it either.

Truth is, we’ve had some amazing times following the Steelmen. Watching the 6-6 game against Hibs, going to see them play at Hampden three times and even witnessing them beat Rangers over two games in the play-offs (under my favourite manager Ian Baraclough).

But this season has been down right awful. 7-1 defeat to Aberdeen and today’s 1-5 defeat to Dundee are just too much.

I had contemplated joining the Well Society a few years ago, and boy am I glad I didn’t.

With Mark McGhee in place we have absolutely no chance of changing the tide of these chronic defeats.

He says “I take full responsibility” – well that’s about the only things he’s gotten right this week.

If he maybe spent more time working on new tactics instead of picking fights with referees and blaming everyone else, maybe he would have some credibility with the supporters and players.

But I cannot get past the fact that he was woeful the first time he managed us and it is like he’s looking to reach new levels of depression this time round. Is he going to be the manager to save us from the playoffs or lead us through them into the Championship? I for one won’t be going back to the club whilst he’s in ‘management’.