every day’s a school day

This week at work has taught me loads and loads. Angular, JS prototype, browser debugging, API verbs, FIDDLER too.

But more than any of these valuable technical skills, it’s within the team dynamics that I’ve learned the most.

As a very recent member of the team, only joining in September last year, I feel I’m still finding my feet a little with who to ask and where the expertise lies within the different sections.  Everyone in the team is incredibly helpful, no egos and most importantly no blame if things don’t get done.

I’ve found my team lead beyond supportive and happy to push me when they reckon I’m capable delivering. I’ve done Jenkins builds, Jasmine and Karma testing; deployments of .war files to Red hat servers using bash commands – all new things to me, but not any more.

When you’re learning and still finding time to have fun with your colleagues – what could be better.