ScotFail saga continues…

Over the passed wee while the ‘service’ from Scotrail has been more hilarious than reliable. If trains aren’t cancelled outright, then they just sometimes get set to only stop at a few stations along the route.

Frankly, I would hate to be reliant on any train from Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock before 9:30am, as in the last few months they have been cancelled the vast majority of the time I’ve been at the station.

The Scotrail team do have an ‘app‘ which customers are reliably guided towards. Sadly, it’s nearly as shambolic as the service is tries to relay to unwitting users.  For example, a few weeks ago, I was informed on the app that the 7:31, 8:06 and 8:32 were all cancelled. With this in mind, I drove into work.  Only to be told, from fellow passengers the next day, that the 8:06 did in fact roll into the station and took passengers into Glasgow.

It’s bad enough that the service is so poor that paying customers need an app to decide if they should try getting a train. But when this app isn’t even accurate, to the point of embarrasment, then what is a customer to do.  It’s not like we have a choice now is it.  We can’t catch a bus into Glasgow from Stewarton, so the captive market seems to mean to Abellio that they can treat their feckless customers like dirt.