Striking a pose?

With the daily commute to Glasgow being a joyful thing on a good day, imagine my delight at the hourly service today.

Platform full to the brim, ticket machine as slow as a week in the jail and to make matters more interesting – the train is rolling into the station.

I eat pressure for breakfast, when I don’t fancy porridge…

Anyway – crisis avoided, sat on the train and it’s all the usual suspects firing on their make-up and talking their chat.

Onwards to Weegie and out at Central – the cattle storm that was platform 9 doesn’t bare thinking about.  Instead of just the usual stops, the train had picked up more passengers at each stop from Barrhead on – so we were rather cramped, to say the least.

I have to say, it is sad that the rail workers have had to strike for their concerns to be heard. But if the passengers did the same thing, would we maybe get a little more room. I don’t think so.

Livestock have more protection under law than passengers do and I’ve certainly never heard of a driver getting prosecuted for over filling a train.  Workers and passengers both need respect from the Rail companies.