Saturday fun

As if getting kids to separate clubs in different locations wasn’t stressful enough for a Saturday morning, we decided to add a sponsored cycle to the mix too.

Living within spitting distance of the High School, we couldn’t really not turn up, but as it was, we were in good company as other kids had other clubs to go to too.

We did our 20+ laps and headed for the house to change and dash to footie.

I’ve lost another baseball cap – what is it this – early onset thingy perhaps ?

Either way, sitting with a warm brew and a sunny view at fives whilst AJ goes mad on the pitch, I’m sorting out some hosting house keeping and trying to get my head around reactjs and aws hosting.

wish me luck…

Falkirk fun

a wee day out through to Falkirk Wheel and the Helix Park was most excellent today.

we had a trip on the boat to begin with, after a lovely lunch in the baking heat, then the kids had a bounce on the bungee harnesses.

then a short drive down the water to the Kelpies and they never fail to impress.

A swell old time

In December last year I was unfortunate enough to be struck down with Cellulitus and Sepsis – nice combo.  My infection lasted for the majority of the month and saw me stay in hospital for just short of two weeks.  Since then I’ve had some lovely ‘port wine’ markings on my leg and it has remained significantly wider than it’s opposite number.

This weekend it was a lovely sunny day on Saturday and I took full advantage of this, wearing my favourite Endura 3/4 length biking shorts.  They cover most of the leg, but leave a very satisfying breeze around the lower shins and ankles. We all went for a walk down by the sea at Troon and I think the midgies had their fair share of it.

I woke on Sunday with a tingling and some light blotches – this was just the beginning.  Whilst visiting family, my father-in-law commented that it looked ‘really swollen’, I wasn’nt overly concerned to be honest. But on return to Stewarton I decided to make a call to NHS24.  A few calls later and a wee chat with a specialist nurse, I ended up getting some nice anti-biotics from the ‘out-of-hours’ docs.

Will be glad when this is all over.

Discovery Point

We visited the fabulous Discovery Point in Dundee and cannot praise it highly enough.
Incredibly helpful, friendly and informed staff made a random visit a stand out event for the whole family. From the two guys on the front desk who made the kids feel right at home and challenged them to answer their own questions (nicely done sir), to the girls in the cafe who couldn’t do enough for us and served us an incredibly healthy and high value meals.
Would thoroughly recommend the treasure trails for the kids too – made the entire exhibits challenging and engaged them superbly. A stand out visit for our Easter break.

Perfect Perthshire

Of all the things I thought I’d like I didn’t expect to find Perthshire so beautiful. Sure I’ve passed through it plenty enough times going to and from Edinburgh but never really taken in its beauty.
We’ve seen the stunning Glamis Castle and the fascinating Pitlochry Dam. Both called for a short drive from our base in Blairgowrie. The roads are incredibly dramatic, especially the one into Pitlochry, cutting over the Moors and down into the village.
We will need to return when we are fitter and the surroundings are a bit warmer…

Superb Sunday

A wee trip to the beach was the perfect end to a busy Sunday.

Overslept due to clocks going forward, then went to the tip as part of operation tidy up. Coming back I got my first ever puncture in the car and had another first of trying to change the wheel.

This led to the third first of calling the AA to come change it as the locking wheel nut was doing a fine job.

Space saver fitted, drove to nearby tyre place and purchased new tyre. Argh!

But a nice trip to Vanilla Joe’s and a wander on the beach.

Snoring kids and BFG audio book are the soundtrack. Carlsberg don’t make weekends, but…


the first edition

IRW Systems Logoanother night out, only this time in the throbbing metropolis of Kilmarnock. finally managed to organise a get together with some former colleagues and properly good mates.

many liquid refreshments were enjoyed, some high grade nonsense was talked – especially Dan with his BMW – but the finale of Chips and Cheese was a master stroke.

all of us agreed it had been too long and worth the wait – so next month we’ll be doing something a little less restful and try to go and see the Glasgow Warriors play.


Night on the town

Some of our colleagues from other locations have been over this week and tonight we went out for dinner.

I’ve been a bit out of sorts of late, with different medication and health stuff, so I was going to bow out. I am glad. I didn’t.

Great food, lovely surroundings and a properly good laugh.