Rules of the road

Q: When is a cyclist not a cyclist? A: When they decide that Red lights and road markings no longer apply to them? B: When the go from road to pavement to road again to avoid crossings or traffic calming measures? C: When they weave in and out of cars that are waiting at lights, […]

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Footie pundit

At work I have a great colleague whose only weakness is her choice in football teams. Hibernian FC.  I asked her this morning “how was the game” and “%&*£~@* £%#*%” came back the response. In amongst the ranting and raving was an utter gem of a quote:- The referee was the height of shite! Classic. […]

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Gary’s gone

My first car, Gary the Golf has gone to that great car park in the sky. Now I am driving a nice Honda Civic and have to say WOW! It doesn’t rattle, it’s insanely smooth to drive and it’s as comfortable as cab be. Chuffed beyond words.

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Tae Kwon Do

A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible. AJ was awesome. It took him a while to pluck up the courage but rocked it once he got into it.

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Taming tornadoes

With the best will in the world I love my kids. They make me laugh, proud, scared and crazy in equal measure. So at the ages of 6 and 3 is it really too much to ask that mornings aren’t so fraught. Cereal, packed lunches and getting dressed. What are we in for when they […]

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Umbraco pain part II

So last week it was “I might have unfixed this…’ but now it is most definitely fixed. Just unpublishable – if that is even a word. My local instance has all the characteristics I need working on the live site. One Umbraco installation with two sites, each with their own hostname entry. The templates are […]

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Dumfries House

Lovely day out with the bairns enjoying the sunshine and the surrounding countryside of Dumfries House. Lunch was delicious after standing in a queue that would choke the proverbial.  Engineering water park and walled garden especially good. Even managed a game of pooh sticks – Angus won

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whacky races

Or the M77 as it’s more commonly known. 50 mph speed limit on the stretch of road works. Not according to most of the traffic I encountered tonight. A special thanks must go out to those VIP drivers who clearly are special and everyone must clear the lane for them. My old car and young […]

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