Current Crown Holder

Debate still rangling as to who is the current blonde Crown holder.  Errin is the winner so far, with Sharon is giving her a good run for her money.  Michelle, the multi-award winner has no clue either, so we need to start keep a log.  Watch this space. 

Count your blessings

With all thats happening in the world you would be forgiven for thinking it’s all a bit pants. That is perhaps true. There will always be crappy news and at times you feel like just cut the nonsense and be nice to each other. I have seen both sides of the coin recent and I see the good in more people than I see bad. This cheers me some but I do see more bad in those others than before. Feeding hate, racism and rage over love, compassion and kindness will only increased their levels of hate, etc. Just look...

Situation lockdown

When you can’t even get a local path editing done on your PC without filling in tons of paperwork… When your PC has 4gb of RAM… When your favourite editor can’t install plugins…  And when your PC has Internet Explorer 8 with no sign of an update… We are in situation lockdown my friends.  Enjoy

Striking a pose?

With the daily commute to Glasgow being a joyful thing on a good day, imagine my delight at the hourly service today. Platform full to the brim, ticket machine as slow as a week in the jail and to make matters¬†more interesting – the train is rolling into the station. I eat pressure for breakfast, when I don’t fancy porridge… Anyway – crisis avoided, sat on the train and it’s all the usual suspects firing on their make-up and talking their chat. Onwards to Weegie and out at Central – the cattle storm that was platform 9 doesn’t bare thinking...

Rules of the road

Q: When is a cyclist not a cyclist? A: When they decide that Red lights and road markings no longer apply to them? B: When the go from road to pavement to road again to avoid crossings or traffic calming measures? C: When they weave in and out of cars that are waiting at lights, go to the front of the queue then move off at 5 mph? Answer: All of the above, as per my drive in this morning.